A brief overview of the former car dealership Mitropoulos, which was founded in 1983 through to today's Mercedes last year's car Mitropoulos reflects our longevity and professionalism.

The sale of used Mercedes Benz cars and trucks vans launched the beginning. Due to strong demand from last year's car we have specialized since 2001 in the sale of young used cars. The new building on the Hanauer Landstrasse, which has now become the Frankfurt car mile, should be a new and modern focal point of our clientele.

The primary goal was, is and will be the satisfaction of the customer. With a legacy that is our key to success now. We achieved this result by making all of our inventory vehicles are available exclusively from the parent company of DaimlerChrysler AG. Thus, the customer can be relayed vehicle accident with concrete indication of the mileage under 100% guarantee.

Our private clients at home and abroad and fellow traders from all over Europe rely on our almost unique variety of products according to the fair offer price.